Penguin Book Cover Brief: A Clockwork Orange
The book presented in the brief from Penguin Classics was A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. I created my first book cover to present the mystery genre and I chose this design because I think the baseball bat/cane alone is a mystery to the potential reader when they see the book. The bat symbolises violence in this case, which is a main theme of the book and it’s is quite repetitive. I wanted to keep the cover minimal so I chose a basic slab serif font. I chose peach as the background colour because its’s orange and red mixed together – orange in the title and red to represent the violence in the book.
My alternative book cover features the sound-wave of Beethoven’s “Symphony 9”, the 1st movement, on the front. The main character, Alex, is a cultured young man and classical music enters A Clockwork Orange on a number of levels. The novel, which is divided into three parts of seven chapters each, assumes an ABA form, analogous to an operatic aria.
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